You know there’s something that’s gotten out of whack but you can’t quite pinpoint what it is. Maybe it’s your hormones. Or your muscles. Or your stress levels. Or just life.

All you know is that this isn’t how you want to feel. And you aren’t sure how to nudge yourself back into balance.

Whether you are…

  • Hopeful about getting pregnant but struggling with fertility issues
  • Adapting to life as a new parent
  • Seeking ways to balance work and family responsibilities with taking care of yourself
  • Ready for a change and unsure which way to go
  • Struggling with hormonal fluctuations
  • Facing a serious health diagnosis and looking for alternatives or complements to Western medicine
  • Experiencing frequent headaches or chronic pain
  • A dancer or athlete who is dealing with injuries

…my goal as your acupuncturist  is to help you become more present to what’s happening in your inner landscape so that, together, we can give it what it needs to flourish.