Get Started

Send me an email ([email protected])
or give me a call at 917-578-1306 and tell me a little bit about what you’re seeking help with.

We’ll have a little back and forth—either on the phone or via email—where we both have an opportunity to ask questions. Once we are each confident that it seems like a good fit, we’ll schedule your initial visit. These first appointments are 90 minutes long and give me a chance to do a thorough assessment as well as your first treatment.


Payment is required at the time of service.
We accept credit card, cash, or check.

As we are not an in-network provider for any insurance companies, our fees are not technically covered by insurance. However, many insurance companies do offer some amount of reimbursement for visits to out-of-network acupuncture providers. At each visit, we provide you with a receipt that includes the appropriate codes that you can use to submit a reimbursement request to your insurance company.

Our services are eligible for HSA and FSA.